Yevgeny Dokshansky


Professor of Clarinet | Virginia Tech

Artistic Director | Ensemble Next Parallel

Principal Clarinetist | MSO



Yevgeny Dokshansky

Belorussian-born American conductor, saxophonist, and clarinetist Yevgeny Dokshansky has appeared as soloist, chamber musician, and conductor throughout Europe, North America, Central America, and the Caribbean. He is a 1st prize-winner at the Minsk Jazz Competition, 3rd prize-winner at the 2nd International Music of Hope Competition, special prize-winner at the 5th Aginski International Competition of Chamber Music, and two-time Baird Concerto Competition winner on both clarinet and saxophone. Deeply committed to chamber music, he founded the Chicago Q Ensemble, Martin & Dokshansky Duo, Alito Quintet, and has performed as tenor saxophonist from 2004 to 2006 with the Amherst Saxophone Quartet.


He presently holds positions as Assistant Professor of Clarinet at Virginia Tech School of Performing Arts, Artistic Director of Ensemble Next Parallel in Washington, D.C., and Principal Clarinet of the Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra. He previously served as an Associate Conductor of the Chesapeake Youth Symphony Orchestra, Southern Maryland Youth Orchestra and Choir, and Chamber Orchestra of Southern Maryland. From 2013 to 2018 Yevgeny held an Assistant Professor of Woodwinds and Woodwind Studio Leader position at the University of Trinidad and Tobago Academy for the Performing Arts where in addition to his teaching responsibilities he also co-directed and performed extensively with Ibis Ensemble – Faculty Artists-in-Residence. While living in Trinidad Yevgeny founded an outreach after-school instrumental music program for the students at Maria Regina Primary School and an annual summer band camp. Most recently Yevgeny presented recitals and masterclasses at the Lynn Conservatory of Music, Texas Tech University, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, University of Delaware, Texas State University, University of Southern Mississippi, Soochow University, and the University of West Indies. 


Yevgeny has appeared on such stages as Carnegie Hall Stern Auditorium and Symphony Center Orchestra Hall in Chicago and had the privilege of performing under the batons of Roberto Abbado, David Robertson, Robert Spano, Michael Stern, Vladimir Lande, and Leonard Slatkin among others. He holds degrees from State University of New York at Buffalo, Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, and DePaul University School of Music. His principal teachers include Edward Yadzinski, Eli Eban, Howard Klug, Eric Hoeprich, Larry Combs, Magnus Martensson, and Cliff Colnot.


His latest CD “Around the World: Trios for Clarinet, Violin and Piano” with Ensemble Next Parallel has been released in February 2021 under the London’s record label, Heritage Records and has been praised by the critics - "A highly engaging and colorful journey through the clarinet trio repertoire" BBC Music Magazine; "Ensemble Next Parallel plays everything with sparkle" - The Arts Music Lounge; "A gem that will undoubtedly satisfy devotees of chamber music" - All About the Arts.


Yevgeny is an endorsing performing artist for Légère Reeds and BG France.

"Yevgeny Dokshansky is a superb clarinetist and saxophonist and a naturally gifted conductor"

- Magnus Martensson, Music Director and Conductor of Scandinavian Chamber Orchestra of New York 





New CD Release

 "A highly engaging and colourful journey through the clarinet trio repertoire" - BBC Music Magazine 

"Ensemble Next Parallel plays everything with sparkle"

- The Arts Music Lounge

"A gem that will undoubtedly satisfy devotees of chamber music" - All About the Arts 

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Max Reger, Sonata in Ab major Prestissimo Assai
Smith, Transparent
Mozart, Clarinet Quintet, Larghetto
Dokshansky, Chasing Shadows
Jacob Weinberg, The Maypole
Lerdahl, Time After Time
Gershwin, Someone to Watch Over Me
Maurice, Tableaux de Provence


Yevgeny Dokshansky

Teaching Philosophy 



I am a firm believer of following the traditions of highest quality musical education. Throughout my musical training, I have been very fortunate to study with many wonderful teachers including Edward Yadzinski, Stephen Rosenthal, Eli Eban, Howard Klug, Eric Hoeprich, Larry Combs, Magnus Martensson, and Cliff Colnot, it gives me great pleasure to be able to pass on the knowledge they so generously shared with me. One of the important aspects of teaching I learned from them is “The student comes first”. I always strive to ensure my students learn how to practice properly on their own through the use of a strict lesson and practicing structure. Most importantly, I concentrate on guiding students to develop their own unique voice and help them evolve into good members of society.





Teaching Structure


I spend a great deal of time working on the development of correct basics: embouchure, air support, posture, hand position, tongue position, articulation and technique. Having proper basics are essential as it is directly affecting the ability to convey musical ideas with ease. The lessons are structured in 3 sections:


  1. Warm-ups – Long tone exercises, articulation studies, scales, arpeggios and scale patterns. 

  2. Etudes – It is essential to work on the different variety of etudes. Clarinetists and Saxophonists are very lucky to have a huge wealth of etude literature available to them. The use of etudes is a wonderful tool in the development of tone, phrasing and technique. 

  3. Solo and Ensemble literature – Gaining knowledge of repertoire will aid in developing students into unique performers.

Virtual Lessons and Fees


Virtual Lessons are a great and innovative way to study, virtual lessons offer flexibility in scheduling as well as the comfort of taking lessons from your home or while you are traveling.  All you need is good quality camera/microphone on your computer and fast internet connection. 


Over the years, I had many students studying with me via FaceTime, Skype, Zoom and other voice over video platforms on a regular basis, many of my former as well as current students have successfully placed in All-State Bands, Youth Orchestras, and were offered scholarships at universities and conservatories. Please consider using the following recommended equipment: USB microphone  (BlueYeti), headphones (Sennheiser HD 650), and connect to the internet via ethernet cable. 


Lessons are available in 30, 45, and 60-minute sessions with the following fees: 

One-time sessions:

      30 minute session - $50USD                               45 minute session - $70USD                              60 minute session - $90USD






Monthly pass sessions:


Weekly 30 minute session - $210USD               Weekly 45 minute session - $290USD             Weekly 60 minute session - $310USD







If you would like to schedule a trial Virtual Lesson, please use the form below or email at

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Students' Testimonials


"Studying under Mr. Dokshansky has changed my perspective on performance. His lessons are well planned and balanced to ensure his students are pushed to the limit fostering growth but not overworked. You are guaranteed to walk away from any session motivated to perfect your craft and become the best clarinet player you can be. As an undergraduate student interested in music education, he is the perfect instructor to prepare you for a career as a woodwind instructor, as he explains the reason for every correction and is vigilant with developing good technique. I would recommend him not only to students who are serious about mastering the clarinet but also to anyone who is interested in becoming an educator."


 - Shurvone Brathwaite BFA, AD - The University of Trinidad and Tobago Academy for the Performing Arts



"Mr. Dokshanksy was one of the best teachers I have ever had. His emphasis on primary elements of clarinet playing helped me become a well-rounded and flexible player. His level of professionalism and commitment to his students makes him a fantastic teacher for clarinetists of any age and skill level."


 - Madison Carroll BM - DePaul University School of Music, MM - Indiana University Jacobs School of Music 



"When I first came to Mr. Dokshansky, I had barely any idea of my potential as a saxophone player. However, he has transformed me into someone who has a love for the instrument and has given me the confidence needed to succeed. After studying with Mr. Dokshansky for two years, not only have I noted his beautiful sound, tone, and masterful playing style on the saxophone and clarinet, but I have seen his eagerness to teach and motivate as well.  He pushes me and encourages me every time I meet with him and I could not be where I am today without him. His passion for music and his musical ability is unmatched by any other teacher I have studied with."


 - Liam Colwell - Senior, Marshall High School, Vienna, Virginia






Yevgeny Dokshansky

Assistant Professor of Clarinet | Virginia Tech School of Performing Arts

Artistic Director and Conductor | Ensemble Next Parallel

Principal Clarinet | Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra


1-716-440-0560 USA